What my clients say!

Rik van TerwisgaRik van Terwisga
Rik van Terwisga
Managing Director (CEO) NEN
September 17, 2019, Rik managed Peter directly
I worked with Peter very closely at NEN, the Royal Dutch Standardisation Institute. When I started as CEO / Managing Director of the institute on January 1st, 2018 Peter was already for a few months the interim financial manager. He was a great help during my first year. Both in bringing me up to speed in my role as CEO and changing the organisation by bringing more financial awareness to both the business and his financial department. Peter did not only give me the opportunity to discover his professional skills but allowed me to get to know him as a person also. Peter has his heart on the right place. Straight as it comes to goals and deadlines but at the same time showing empathy for his colleagues. Peter is also very organised with all his gadgets, phones, tablets, computers and software tools. I really enjoyed working with Peter and want to thank him for his work and added value at NEN. I recommend Peter to anyone who would want to hire him and I wish him the best in future.
Wim Schimmel
Wim Schimmel
Ondernemende bestuurder
August 8, 2019, Wim was senior to Peter but didn’t manage directly
As the president of the supervisory board of NEN (Dutch Standardization Institute) I had the opportunity to work with Peter. Peter joined NEN in April 2017 to help us to bring NEN back under control. With his great and broad experience being built up in commercial organisations he brought more (and needed) financial awareness to our institute; not only within the financial department but in all parts of our organisation. His perseverance and social skills helped him to convince his colleagues to follow him on his mapped out path towards a new financial system, that will be the basis where our new permanent CFO can build on.
Raquel Verwei - NENRaquel Verwei
Raquel Verwei
Projectleider Jaarrekening at NEN
September 9, 2019, Raquel reported directly to Peter
For the past year and a half I have worked with Peter on an extremely complex assignment. Peter has highly developed analytical skills, which makes it possible for an organization to quickly reach the core of its challenges. Peter has shown that with an extremely good sense for the situation, he oversees challenging and politically sensitive situations. Peter makes it possible for an organization to anticipate on a difficult situation and focus on "what needs to be done". Peter reduces extremely complex issues for organizations to clear and acceptable steps. This creates tranquility in the organization. His attitude has not only a positive effect on his clients but also on the people who work for and with him. I got to know Peter as a knowledgeable person with a strong affinity for new developments and tools. Peter has a good sense of humor and a very correct way of dealing with his colleagues. I have worked with Peter with enormous pleasure. I'm grateful to him for the great relationship we have built over the past 2 years. I look forward to the next opportunity. Peter thank you so much!
Bianca Soekhoe
Bianca Soekhoe
Data Analist / Business Analist at NEN
July 14, 2019, Bianca reported directly to Peter
I acknowledge the significant contributions of Peter van Dongen made as interim Finance Director at NEN, The Dutch Standardisation Institute. Peter was my manager and I have gained a lot of knowledge from him in various areas as finance, job seperation, Power BI, processes and life. I got to know Peter as an intelligent, diligent, hardworking, committed professional who delivered under pressure against targets both timely and accurately. In addition Peter has a good sense of humour and is very honest. He offers well considered advice, is pragmatic and open for feedback. It has been a pleasure to have worked with Peter at NEN.
Michiel Bicker CaartenMichiel Bicker Caarten
Michiel Bicker Caarten
Author and Communications consultant
Peter and I worked together for about 6 months on a pilot project, and it was a pleasure. Peter is fast, smart and has a good business sense.
Eric BrugerEric Bruger
Eric Bruger
Managing Director at BCM and Owner, BCM
I have worked with Peter many years and experience him to be an extremely good CFO with a deep knowlegde and helicopter view.
Evert BanckenEvert Bancken
Evert Bancken
Concern Controller bij Florence
Peter is a manager with great integrity who builds a good team around him and who ensures that the information required to be in "control" of the business is reliable. Looking back is important for him but looking forward is from even bigger importance where the strategic objective of the company is never lost.
Frank van BalenFrank van Balen
Frank van Balen
Benelux Director System Integrators, Service Providers and Global Alliances
Peter and I have been working closely together in providing Audax a best of breed solution for their data center. Peter has been instrumental in getting the best solution for his company by well articulated requirements and his ability to translate the various interests of key influencers/departments into a single well accepted solution.  It has been a pleasure to work w/ him at that period, not only for his professional skills but also his personal capabilities which substantially contributed towards the success of this project for Audax.
Mando VrolingMando Vroling
Mando Vroling
Owner at MVRO Management
Peter is a very inspiring person to work with. He is one of the CFOs who is very committed to the profession and the development of the role of the CFO. Peter is not hesitant to step outside the technical realm. Peter is equiped with excellent soft skills and so he is capable to lead his finance function and his company through different waters.
Siebe BijntemaSiebe Bijntema
Siebe Bijntema
Director IT & Content at Sdu Uitgevers
During our years that we worked together at Audax, I've come to learn Peter as a true CFO, who is capable of balancing both business needs and financial requirements. Besides that, he's a colourfull person with a broad interest and a thorough understanding of IT.
Frico SijbrandiFrico Sijbrandi
Frico Sijbrandi
Exploring possibilities
As Concernmanager HR I have had the great pleasure of working with Peter for several years at Audax. Not only is Peter an excelent CFO with great knowledge of the business, but als someone you could always count on when needed. It is a privilege to know him.
Tycho ter ElstTycho ter Elst
Tycho ter Elst
Coordinator F&A at Audax
I had the privilege of working with Peter for about 7 years. As CFO, Peter was my manager at Audax. He is a responsible and strategic manager, with a lot of integrity, with a real sense of “Rotterdamse” humor and who cares for the wellbeing of Audax and her founder. He knows his how to keep people focused and motivated and has ability to create a positive frame of mind. He is real pioneer on ‘new media’ developments and knows his gadgets 🙂
Simon AnderiesenSimon Anderiesen
Simon Anderiesen
Commercieel Directeur at Masters in Finance B.V.
I've known Peter for several years now. He is a very intelligent and good communicator, with a great sense for the business of a organization. Besides that it always gives energy to meet him! Peter is, besides a good business relation, a great friend to know. I wish him all the best, and i'm looking forward to work together again in the near future!
Adrian PorteousAdrian Porteous
Adrian Porteous
Head of Planning and Logistics at HEMA
I had the pleasure of working with Peter for about one year, in that time I found him to be an extremely capable CFO who not only had the financial detail at his finger tips but also had a good knowledge and interest of most of the business. Peter is always up to date with technology and new processes and is keen to modernise his outlook on the business. Peter also displayed a lighter side where his people skills and personality would shine through, this always made him a "go to" person in the business.
Bert KruisdijkBert Kruisdijk
Bert Kruisdijk
Retail | Non-Food | Fashion | Food | Procurement | E-Commerce | Buying | Supply Chain | ICT | Programma Management
Peter is a very open and enthousiastic leader. Very knowlegable and expierienced in the area of Finance, Logistics and ICT. His energy and devotion/passion for work is inspiring. He has given me space and responsibility to work and to deliver result and in the same time challenged me to take the best possible decisions.
Yfke LaanstraYfke Laanstra
Yfke Laanstra
Holistic Hacker at Soulvalley, initiator of Consciousness Hacking NL
I've come to know Peter as a energetic, highly motivated and skilled person and always in for a laugh. He excels in his field and will always go for the best, I enjoyed working for and with him.
Geraldine HigginsGeraldine Higgins
Geraldine Higgins
Product Director at Bonmarche
It was an absolute pleasure to have worked with Peter during my time at Etam Groep. He is a very competent CFO with an ability to read any kind of financial report / documents and find issues if they are to be found. He is very well versed in the legalities of the CFO role and I would have no problem in recommending him in a professional manner. He also brought a lot of humour and "colour" to the organisation, and I will be remember Peter as a very approachable colleague who always had time to advise and guide where needed
Emil WesterEmil Wester
Emil Wester
ICT manager/ Project & Delivery manager
Peter geeft als leidinggevende verantwoordelijkheid aan zijn mensen en staat open voor adviezen. Een groot deel van zijn tweede jaar had hij tegelijkertijd de rollen van CEO, CFO en Directeur Etam Retail Services, en wist met de organisatie een goede omzet te bereiken. In de directe omgang heb ik de samenwerking met Peter als zeer prettig ervaren.
Iain GardenIain Garden
Iain Garden
Consultant at Rileys Sports Bars at Weight Partners Capital LLP
I worked with Peter when he joined as the permanent CFO at Etam Groep and I stayed on after doing the interim role to help out with strategic and other planning matters. Peter is highly technically capable, both financial and IT, and quickly established control of the group audit and year end processes as he came into the business. He has a good business overview, focuses on the key issues and had a good handle on building the necessary relationships. Peter has a great sense of humour and was good fun to work with.
Marco MantelMarco Mantel
Marco Mantel
Teamleider Informatie Services at Infofolio BV
Ik heb Peter leren kennen als een gedreven persoon voorzien van een gezonde dosis humor. Zijn komst bij de Etam Groep in 2009 heeft gezorgd voor een frisse wind door de gehanteerde processen. Ook als gesprekpartner voor de OR heb ik Peter als zeer prettig ervaren.
Rob SpekRob Spek
Rob Spek
Manager Finance at Techem Energy Services
Peter is an amicable person, with a big heart for the business. I enjoyed working with and for him. As manager he has a broad view of the matters and issues at hand, without loosing touch with the necessary underlying details.  
Christine Menedis
Christine Menedis
co-Founder and CEO at Shepherd Health, LLC
Peter is a true gem among CFOs. I had the pleasure of working with him at Toby Orthopaedics, where his guidance, support, and insight were integral to our success. Perhaps it’s his years of experience, or perhaps it’s just intuitive . . . Either way, he has an uncanny ability to sense the critical fiscal issues for a corporation and to guide its officers and directors to solid solutions - all while providing and maintaining the all-important sense of control. Peter is a tireless advocate for his partners and does it all with a smile. I’m looking forward to discovering our next venture together.
Trude Maas - de BrouwerTrude Maas – de Brouwer
Trude Maas-de Brouwer
Owner at trude.nl
Peter improved significantly the quality of reporting to me as a Supervisory Board member. More to the point, timely etc. It was a pleasure to see him doing so, smooth but efficient.
Walter Wolfs
Walter Wolfs
Non-Executive Director at Arbo Unie
Peter joined Arbo Unie as interim Finance Director at a turbulent moment in time. The company was undergoing serious restructuring and the CFO had left quite suddenly. Peter was able to quickly take control of financial matters and to speedily drive through improvements. His task was complicated, but Peter’s (likeable) personality helped him to get people on-board in a structured process of getting things done. As member of the Supervisory Board of Arbo Unie focussing on financial matters I have enjoyed the fruits of Peter’s hard work. We would have liked to see Peter stay on, but being “an interim person” it was his preference to move on. Highly recommended!
Arbo Unie
Liesbeth van DuijnLiesbeth van Duijn
Liesbeth van Duijn
Owner Nederland Slank
Because of his engaging and energizing personality it’s a pleasure to work with Peter in the first place. We at Nederland Slank are very glad that we have him as our financial and strategic advisor. As a fast growing startup company it is very important that we make the right decisions, choose the best alternatives and put our energy where it is needed the most. Peter has not only helped us in these exciting first months, acting as our rock in the surf, with all kinds of cost price calculations and scenario’s. He has also many times placed things in a different perspective, allowing us to stretch benefits. We can surely imagine that he is of great value for most times much bigger companies and we are grateful for his belief in us and in our growth vision.
Nederland Slank leert mensen 7-12 kg per maand afvallen zonder honger, zonder pillen en zonder shakes, met normaal eten.
Beatrice LafonBeatrice Lafon
Beatrice Lafon
Non Executive Director at SuperGroup Plc
With the approval of the Board, I recruited Peter to be our new Group CFO. What caught my interest in the very first meeting was how he could appear so conservative, solid, rooted in traditions on the outside but as you peeled the layers you discovered a very modern and contemporary person, great at team work, with a good sense of humour and a keen interest in Technology and playing the guitar. It was this blend that allowed Peter to mix well in our young, modern, fashionable culture (and allow him to interact with all colleagues, from buyers to store managers), whilst being rigorous in his work and able to interact with other more conservative stakeholders. He was keen to learn about Retail (there is nothing to teach him in Finance!), and he did so quickly. His gentle demeanour and team spirit helped him settle in very quickly. He was a perfect partner, always available, always accurate, eager to anticipate, quick at solving problems, and he was a good communicator across the business and with our shareholders, bankers etc. I have no hesitation in recommending Peter.
Venise van ManenVenise van Manen
Venise van Manen
Available Interim Controller
Peter (CFO of the Etam Group) hired me in 2010 for the position of Concern Controller. The personality and the skills of Peter made me choose for the company and the position. Peter is energetic, warm, a very good listener, open minded, forward driven, social and interested in the deeper layers of questions and problems.  As a CFO he showed me how to combine the technical skills with being authentic in personality. Which means people trusted Peter for who he was and where he was standing for. Highly reliable and because his authentic personality he was capable to manage his direct reports with space and freedom so they could fulfill their job in their own way. In my opinion that is the key management skill on this level. He used his knowledge and experience in a managerial way to his direct reports; the most of the time in cooperation and with team effort.  Overall, I learned a lot from Peter in the way of development of technical skills but also the soft skills. He was a fantastic CFO and would love to work with him again. 
Jacob OtterJacob Otter
Jacob Otter
Manager E-Commerce distribution Centre bij HEMA
     Peter was een inspirerende leider tijdens mijn opdracht, hij is een begenadigd man die goed een organisatie naar een next level kan sturen. Een CFO met visie en een duidelijke strateeg die niet snel van zijn pad wijkt, daarbij was hij voor mij ook zeer prettig om samen te werken. Ook down to earth kortom een prettig persoon en leider.