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Based on several strategic sessions with different type of clients and in different formations I am able to fulfil the full scope from ideas to strategic action points to a three to five year plan.

  • Determining a strategy on the basis of collective discussion and a model of current and future internal and external factors.
  • Drawing up multiannual plans (not only income statements, but also balance sheets and cash flow statements) including different scenarios
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Due Diligence
  • Calculating scenarios after takeover, of both single and consolidated figures
  • Financing
  • Implementation and integration
  • Designing and implementing earnings and cash flow optimization programmes
  • Implement strategic changes
  • Financing, financing structures and an excellent network and reputation among almost all banks
  • IT vision in the broadest sense of the word
  • Dealing with stakeholders especially focused on their relationship with owners of a (family owned) company, in their formal or informal management roles
  • Taking into account company and tax law


I can advise clients in making the right decisions in the right moment, based on circumstances and desired long term goals. For example tax planning, prepare for sale, etc.

  • Coming into Control
  • Smart (Specific, Measurable, Acceptable, Realistic and Timed) Close and Fast Close
  • Forecasts, Rolling Forecast
  • Balance sheet thinking
  • Designing and building of KPI and dashboard systems
  • Restructuring aiming for better efficiency and lower costs
  • Optimizing of departments
  • Participating in logistics solutions
  • Hiring and firing


I am very hands on and able to implement my advises. This gives also the proof for my clients of the sustainability and practicability of my advises.

  • Path from General Ledger to financial statements (designing, implementing and optimizing)
  • Drawing up the annual accounts
  • Designing and creating financial models in different systems
  • The use of all possible high tech tools and social media
  • Optimization by using of Office Automation more effectively
  • Fiscal aspects
  • Legal aspects