Peter J. van Dongen RA

Boardroom Consultant & Interim Manager

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  • More than 30 years of experience in financial positions, with broader responsibility in recent years (in addition to finance also automation and logistics)
  • Exemplary leadership, openness, clarity and honesty
  • CFO of the Year 2005 in the category non listed companies


  • Graduated as a chartered public accountant
  • Excellent social skills and communicative characteristics at all levels by listening, understanding and empathizing, based on mutual respect and equality of people
  • Absolute integrity
  • Extensive network


  • Relentless energy and the will to go for the best
  • Infectious enthusiasm
  • Rotterdam attitude: down to earth and actions speak louder than words
  • Sense of humour, sense of perspective and Bon Vivant.

In november 2016 I asked StrengthScope to perform an assessment on my leadership. Not only to picture the strengths of my leadership but also to show the effectiveness of these strengths. The report, based on extensive questionnaires, that I had to go through and feedback from peers, superiors and direct reports provided to StrengthScope directly, shows a lot of detailed information. Some parts of this report I want to share here.

My 7 significant strengths

An overview of all my strengths

The effectiveness of my leadership on 4 leadership habits (Sharing Vision, Sparking Engagement, Skilfully Executing and Sustaining Progress